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A tale of two moralities: Politicians, doctors, use of addictive substances and lobbying

a massive parliament building with lots of people sitting at desks

Alcohol use during the day is common amongst British MPs and Parliamentary staff even when Parliament is in session. MPs are frequently under the influence of alcohol when deciding on important bills, potentially affecting their judgement. Lobbying from the alcohol and the tobacco industries is rife in Parliament. What hope is there to change alcohol and tobacco policy in a more rational and healthy direction if the companies responsible for their harms are corrupting the political process in this fashion? We propose recommendations in line with the standards required for doctors.

This research was published in the Drug Science, Policy and Law Journal the definitive source of evidence-based information and comment for academics, scientists, policymakers, frontline workers and the general public on drugs and related issues

For open-access to the full report of this research, see below:

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