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Cannabis Clinic Cardiff

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Cannabis Clinic Cardiff is the first medicinal cannabis clinic in Wales, providing assessments for prescriptions of Cannabis-Derived Medicinal Products (CDMPs).

Based in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, we offer a private psychiatric assessment service for people with mental health problems who have found their symptoms to be inadequately managed with conventional approaches.

The team at Cannabis Clinic Cardiff are dedicated to supporting people on their health journey and recognise the benefits some patients can have from complimentary therapies. Our approach is both patient-centric and clinician-led, collaborating with you to devise a personalised healthcare plan.

As experienced specialists in mental health, the consultant psychiatrists at Cannabis Clinic Cardiff are able to evaluate your needs and establish if you might be suitable for a trial of CDMPs. Face to face or virtual appointments are available.

For eligible patients, Cannabis Clinic Cardiff will guide you through this emerging field of healthcare and provide a responsive service, with a personal touch. Contact Cannabis Clinic Cardiff for your FREE eligibility assessment.



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Substance Use Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Contact Cannabis Clinic Cardiff to discuss eligibility for any other Mental Health Condition(s)


Dr David Howells, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Mathew D Hoskins, Consultant Psychiatrist


Initial consultation: £250 (55 mins)

Follow-up consultation: £100 (25 mins)

Repeat prescriptions (when there is no follow-up consultation): FREE

Contact information

Phone: +44 7450 420 420


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