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Teaching the future generations about drugs

illistration of confusion and speech

Written by Steve ClareSteve Clare, Alcohol & Drugs Awareness

I’ve been a freelance PSHE teacher for 13 years, specialising in harm reduction lessons on alcohol & other drugs. Sensationalist tabloid headlines used in the early years have long since been replaced with evidence-based advice & data from highly credible sources including Drug Science.

I’m an ex-Licensee (ran bars & nightclubs) & still occasionally manage bars at specialist events. My background gives me credibility, as do the pragmatic messages & learning outcomes of my lessons – some drink underage and/or choose to use other drugs, neither of which I support or condone. Students highly value this honest approach that includes sharing harm reduction strategies. They listen, feel safe to ask insightful & challenging questions; most importantly they’re engaged.

Drug Science is one of the most referenced websites used within my lesson on other drugs. Relevant info from their website is simplified into messages the students will understand & helps reinforce learning outcomes. I signpost students to DrugScience & other credible sites as well as their socials to challenge misinformation online, on social media & from the press.

Credibility is everything when delivering PSHE & without question Drug Science helps me achieve that.

Keep up with developments in drug science

Reading, engaging with, and sharing our publications, papers and commentary gives evidence-based science and policy the audience it needs and deserves.

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