Women in Psychedelic Science

On October 13th 2020, the MPWG hosted its first symposium entitled ‘Women in Psychedelic Science’, showcasing the ground-breaking and outstanding work of women in psychedelics. This was accompanied by inspiring, personal accounts of women who have used psychedelics to treat trauma.


Psychedelic therapy – Clinical trials:

Dr Meg Spriggs – Psilocybin for Anorexia Nervosa

Laura Kaertner – Insights on psychedelic microdosing

Bruna Giribaldi – The impact of psychedelic experiences on our perceptions of sex, sexuality and body image


Psychedelic fieldwork:

Dr Chloe Sakal and Dr Nataly Gibson – Support for festival goers

Laura Northrup – Healing Sexual Trauma with Entheogens & Psychedelics: Understanding Sexual Violence through a spiritual and political lens 


We also heard some personal accounts of the power of psychedelics for healing in women.