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Ethical Implications of Psychedelics

The use of therapy assisted by psychedelics like psilocybin looks set to change the face of mental health care. But evidence from clinical trials suggests that it also changes patients in ways quite different to those seen following traditional treatment.

In this Drug Science webinar, part of the inaugural Student Psychedelic Conference, Eddie Jacobs introduces some of the ethical dimensions of bringing psychedelic-assisted therapy into the fold as part of our approach to treating mental health conditions.

He discusses some of the challenges of inducing ‘transformative experiences’ in pursuit of good health, making sense of changes in worldviews and beliefs following psychedelics, and the need to recognise that the psychedelic journey doesn’t stop after your integration sessions.

Eddie is based at the University of Oxford, where he is a research fellow at the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, and a PhD student at the Department of Psychiatry.

This webinar was part of the Student Psychedelic Conference, 2021. To receive updates about the next Student Psychedelic Conference, join the Drug Science Mailing list.

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