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Building a Career in Drug Science

After hearing feedback about challenges finding career opportunities from the Drug Science Student Society, this webinar provides insight into the careers available in the industries of psychedelics, cannabis, and addiction treatment. With speakers including healthcare workers and both industry and research executives, this webinar will help you find a career working with drugs.

With more than a decade of campaigning for evidence-based research and drug policy, we have made significant progress across a variety of sectors. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but the progress that we have made has led to emerging industries working with cannabis, MDMA and psychedelics, as well as the expansion of services working with drugs and addiction. As these sectors develop, exciting new career opportunities are becoming available for those that want to work with drugs and help people struggling with mental health.

We have brought together leading experts from a variety of sectors to show you what it’s like to work at the frontlines of psychedelic research, the cannabis industry, and in vital addiction services, so that you can find out if it’s the best path for you!

Addiction Services – Dr Chloe Sakal Dr Chloe Sakal is a psychiatrist with experience in a wide variety of community and inpatient settings with particular attention to substance misuse. She shares her experience working in addiction services, and explains the many roles available in this essential healthcare industry!

Psychedelic Therapy and Clinical Trials – Dr Graham Campbell Graham Campbell is a psychiatrist with an MSc in Neuroscience. He worked as an NHS inpatient consultant psychiatrist from 2012 at Mill View Hospital in Hove and trained with Imperial College London in February 2018 to work as an assistant guide for the Psilodep2 trial. He is now Director of Clinical Psychiatry at Small Pharma, conducting the first trial of DMT to treat depression. Graham explains how his career evolved and how you can find a career in psychedelic research!

Medical Cannabis Industry – Jonathan Nadler Since founding his first £1m+ revenue business aged 24, Jon has gone on to successfully exit a strategic consultancy, and a CBD oils company. Jon is co-founder and Group Managing Director at LYPHE GROUP, merging the intersection between cannabis health and tech. LYPHE GROUP are U.K. market leaders in cannabis clinical practice, dispensing and education. Jon gives a complete overview of the cannabis industry and all the jobs available to those looking for a cannabis-based career!

Psychedelic Research with MAPS – Paul Bezodis Paul Bezodis is a freelance clinical research professional currently supporting and overseeing the clinical team at MAPS Europe. He has decades of experience working in clinical development and clinical operations roles for large pharmaceutical companies, Japanese and American biotech companies, and a family owned CRO. He shares what it’s like working in psychedelic research and what roles are available working for MAPS Europe!

This webinar was recorded during a FREE Careers in Drug Science virtual event which included a 1 hour Q&A session from the audience. To ensure that you don’t miss any of our events, so that you can ask your questions live, please join the Drug Science Mailing list.

Drug Science is the leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK. We rely on donations to provide clear, evidence-based information without political or commercial interference. Drug Science webinars are free, and always will be, so if you’d like to support us then please consider joining the Drug Science Community.

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