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How I Built a Career in Drug Harm Reduction in Addiction Services - In My Professional Opinion

In this Drug Science webinar, Dr Chloe Sakal explains how she built a career as a psychiatrist focusing on drug use and addiction. She describes her day to day work in a typical week as an addiction psychiatrist and shares the other options available to work in psychedelic research and harm reduction.

Addiction psychiatry is a vitally important field of psychiatry and one which we hope will receive more attention as we attempt to guide the government away from prohibition-based drug policy and instead prioritise addiction treatment and harm reduction.

In addition to her work for the NHS as an addiction psychiatrist, Dr Sakal has also worked in psychedelic research, including research into MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for alcoholism and psilocybin for depression research. Dr Sakal also supports our ongoing Project Twenty21, which offers price-capped medical cannabis treatment while we analyse patient data to make the case for medical cannabis on the NHS. She describes how she was able to work in this research while developing her career in psychiatry.

Beyond research, Dr Sakal carries out invaluable harm reduction work. She explains some of the career options available such as working on drug testing and information at festivals, which she has done with The Loop, as well as harm reduction with PsyCare.

This webinar was recorded during a Drug Science careers event and which included a live Q&A session from the audience. If you want to ensure that you don’t miss any of our events, so that you can ask your questions live, all you need to do is join the Drug Science Mailing List.

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